Since 1952, Frankston Concrete Products have been one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought after suppliers of precast concrete products. After 67 years in Seaford, the company moved its operations to a new state of the art facility in Dandenong South at 9 Colemans Road. The new facility has seen us enter the concrete pipe market where we have begun supplying class 4 rubber-ring jointed concrete pipe in 300, 375 and 450 diameter, as well as class 2 and class 4 rubber-ring jointed concrete pipe in 525 and 600 diameter.

We are still the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of high performance precast concrete products including stormwater pits, Resiwell water tanks, trade waste products that include cooling and straining pits, grease traps (food and oil interceptors), neutralizing tanks, petrol and oil interceptors (new-school triple interceptors), settling tanks and silt pits. We have one of Australia’s largest inventories of galvanized grates and frames (including anti-slip heelguard grates), cast iron access covers and Terra Firma lids. We also can provide lifting gear which will allow you to move the pits and tanks around easily and safely, and provide assistance in removing grates, access covers and Terra Firma lids. If you need a packaged pump station for stormwater drainage or sewage – look no further.

Frankston Concrete Products can be contacted on 03 9786 3111, Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm and by email via