Access Covers Single Part

A 100% Australian owned business, Frankston Concrete Products is one of Melbourne Victoria’s largest suppliers of Single Part Access Covers. With a large inventory of stock, Frankston Concrete Products Melbourne can supply Single Part Access Covers to all parts of Australia.

Frankston Concrete Products – Melbourne stocks cast iron single part access covers class B (light) and class D (heavy) access covers. We now also stock genuine Terra Firma lids.

  • Class B Access Covers are used for areas including footways & light tractor paths, golf course paths, accessible to most non commercial vehicles and livestock. B class single part access covers are rated to 80kN
  • Class D Access Covers are used for roadways and areas open to commercial traffic. D class access covers are rated to 210kN


Single part access covers are available in concrete infill or solid top bolt down.

  • Single Part Access Cover 450×450
  • Single Part Access Cover 600×600
  • Single Part Access Cover 750×750
  • Single Part Access Cover 600×900
  • Single Part Access Cover 900×900


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Single Part Access Cover Common Uses: Sewage Pits, Stormwater Pits, Stormwater & Sewage Drains, Electrical Pits and Utility Pits.Those interested in Access Covers were also interested in: single part access covers, multi part access covers, grates and frames, stormwater pits, packaged pump stations, sewage pump stations, stormwater pump stations, concrete covers, resiwell water tanks, lintels and trade waste products that include cooling and straining pits, grease traps, neutralising tanks, petrol and oil interceptors, settling tanks, silt pits and PVC pits.