Cooling & Straining Pits

Cooling and Straining Pits are designed to strain lint and other matter from wastewater. Second chamber acts as a holding tank to cool wastewater before being discharged into sewer. Commonly used at Nursing Homes, Aged Care Facilities, Commercial Laundries and Hospitals.

Frankston Concrete Products Cooling and Straining pits are manufactured in accordance with your local water authority requirements.

Available sizes of Cooling and Straining pits are;

  • 250 litre Cooling and Straining Pit
  • 800 litre Cooling and Straining Pit
  • 1100 litre Cooling and Straining Pit
  • 2000 litre Cooling and Straining Pit
  • 2770 litre Cooling and Straining Pit
  • Larger Sizes available on request


All pits are available with light duty and heavy duty access covers to suit.

The function of a cooling and straining pit is to slow the flow of warm/hot waste water, thus allowing it to cool before flowing out to sewer.
The primary tank chamber has a removable basket that traps lint and hair, typically they are used in commercial laundries.

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