Grease Traps

Grease Traps are designed for the interception of greasy waste water prior to discharge into the sewer. Frankston Concrete Products (FCP) also manufacture above and below ground PVC grease traps.

So, the question is, who buys a grease trap?

The answer is – bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, butchers, schools, deli’s, take-away shops, food prepartion shops, commercial kitchens, basically anyone that is preparing food for commercial purposes.

All Frankston Concrete Products grease traps conform to the Local Water Authority requirements and are supplied with cast iron air tight access covers, available in Light or Heavy Duty and can be encased in concrete.

Don’t get caught out using cheap, non-approved, plastic grease traps as some of our customers recently have. What you save in initial costs will come back to bite you when Melbourne’s local water authorities force you to remove them and install approved concrete traps.

Concrete silt pits are also available and are often used in bin wash areas, prior to discharging into the grease trap.

Standard ex-stock sizes available are as follows, larger sizes and custom sized grease traps are available on request.

  • 270 litre grease trap
  • 450 litre grease trap
  • 600 litre grease trap
  • 1100 litre grease trap
  • 1500 litre grease trap
  • 2000 litre grease trap
  • 3000 litre grease trap
  • 3110 litre grease trap
  • 4000 litre grease trap
  • 4500 litre grease trap
  • 5000 litre grease trap


The function of a grease trap is to slow the flow of Warm/hot greasy water thus allowing it to cool. As the water cools, the grease and oil separate and float to the top, solids to settle on the bottom of the tank and the cleaner/cooler water flows out to sewer.

So call the sales staff at Frankston Concrete Products on 03 9786 3111 for a fast and competitive quote on a grease trap.