Neutralisers Pits – PVC Liner

Neutralising Tanks are designed for interception of waste that contains high levels of acid (a low pH) prior to discharge into sewer.  They are generally used in photographic laboratories, school science wings, battery storage areas, cheese manufacture, dairies, commercial bakeries and for defense applications.

Frankston Concrete Products (FCP) also manufacture above ground pvc Neutralising Tanks and under bench Neutralising Tanks depending on the available space for installation.

All Frankston Concrete Products Neautralising Tanks conform to local water authority requirements and standard sizes available are

  • 270 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 450 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 600 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 1100 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 1500 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 2000 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 3000 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 3110 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 4000 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 4500 litre Neutralising Tank
  • 5000 litre Neutralising Tank


All Frankston Concrete Products Neautralising Tanks are supplied with pre-fabricated PVC or Poly baffles and also Light or Heavy duty access covers to suit your application.

The tanks have three baffles, the baffle arrangement forces the liquid passing through the tank to filter through the marble chips, which have the effect of neutralising the water pH balance, thus allowing the water to safely discharge to sewer.

Frankston Concrete Products can also supply Marble Chips for any size Neautralising Tank application.

So call the sales staff of Frankston Concrete Products now for a fast, competitive quote on 03 9786 3111 for your next Neautralising Tank.