Resiwell Water Tanks

Resiwell Below Ground Water Tanks are a popular Water Saving and Supply System that uses collected rain water from the home. The water saved from Resiwell Below Ground Water Tanks is generally used for toilet, laundry and garden use. The long term savings from installing a Resiwell Below Ground Water tank are significant.

Rainwater stored in your Resiwell Below Ground Water Tank is not recommended for use in food preparation or for drinking purposes. This is only because rainwater is generally not as reliable as mains supplies which have been treated to a level to ensure that it is safe for human consumption.

  • Resiwell Below Ground Water Tanks are buried out of sight – not out of mind.
  • Totally quiet
  • Ideal for small backyards
  • Suitable under driveways
  • Available with light or heavy covers
  • WaterSmart rebate scheme applies
  • Extention risers avalable to increase depth of pit
  • Lifting lugs set into all walls and/or base enabling safe correct lifting
  • Reinforced wall thicknesses designed to withstand all vehicular traffic
  • Available with a wide range of lockable manhole covers ( No Child Access)
  • Resiwell Below Ground Water Tanks are manufactured to your requirements.

Resiwell concrete underground water tanks are also safer than above ground plastic tanks.

The following transcript was taken from the autumn, 2009 edition of the Plumbing Connection magazine:
“Incorrectly installed rainwater tanks can kill”
A shocked Melbourne mother has issued a warning to other parents with slimline rainwater tanks in their backyards after one fell where her five year old son frequently plays.
The Plumbing Industry Commission investigator, who spoke to the mother, said the woman’s son could have been fatally injured.
‘A full 3,000 litre tank weighs close to three tonnes, making it impossible to move and dangerous for anybody stuck underneath,’ the investigator said.
Plumbing Industry Commissioner Tony Arnel said while slimline rainwater tanks are an efficient way to reduce a household’s dependence on mains water, householders need to be aware of the possible risks of them falling over and ensure they are properly installed and fastened.
‘A rainwater tank does not have to be positioned by a licensed or registered plumbing practitioner, however a plumbing practitioner is the only person qualified to carry out the plumbing work associated with the tank’s installation,’ Mr Arnel said.
‘I urge all plumbing practitioners that are connecting a tank after it has been positioned to check the stability and safety of the tank.'”
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